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The Tale of Samantha Skunk Why Smoking Stinks is a non-smoking campaign produced by professor William Scott. The program is designed for elementary school children. This effective school presentation, Samantha The Magenta Skunk can be presented in your school by your health professionals or peer leaders .

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Samatha Skunk - Why Smoking StinksSamantha Skunk is presented
in your school by your health professionals or your peer leaders.

The presenter, dressed in a
magenta skunk costume, reads the story from a jumbo sized book. 

This unique program is the
first to bring an easily remembered
anti-smoking message to
pre-school and primary school children.

The Tale of Samantha Skunk
is designed to influence
children to refrain from smoking.

Samantha Skunk Costume

"In fact, although we consider the Samantha Skunk Program a key component of our early elementary prevention curriculum here in Dover, the impact of the lesson is actually more immediate and much more obvious on the student teachers that are presenting the lesson"

Dana Mitchell, Captain
Commander, Support Services Division, Dover, N.H.

"The animated program is a change from the"gloom and doom"no-smoking programs that existed in the past"

Mary Gorman, Nausha Health Department Nashua, N.H.

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